ION Profile LP Turntable


This ION Profile LP Turntable is a normal, high quality record player that has three useful functions.......Firstly, you can simply connect the ION Profile LP Turntable to your existing amplifier and speaker system, old or new, and it works as a regular turntable ... .Or! .. Secondly, you can get this ION Profile LP Turntable and a special set of Logitech Z323 Speakers that work very well with the ION Profile LP Turntable, without needing an amplifier (the ION Profile LP Turntable has its own built-in Pre-amp), and you now have a working stereo system to play your records on .Or!! . Thirdly, you can just connect this ION Profile LP Turntable to your PC or Mac or laptop, via the USB port, load the accompanying software, and you can now listen to your records through your PC speakers And!!! .. you can convert the tracks off the record to mp3's while you are listening!

Key Features

  • Convert LPs to MP3s via USB connection to Mac or PC
  • EZ Vinyl / Tape Converter software guides through transfer steps
  • Built-in preamp play records on home stereo or home theatre
  • Hinged dust cover protects needle and keeps slipmat clean
  • Plug-and-play USB computer connection requires no driver installation

Price (incl VAT): R1600 (Please note: This charge includes the cost of the turntable being couriered to your door anywhere in South Africa within 4-5 days)

Item Code: MD001

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